Modern University for Business & Science

Modern University for Business & Science

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At the dawn of the new millennium, MUBS was established to fill a void in the educational scene in Lebanon, catering to a sector of talented students in search for opportunities that they were deprived by the archaic institutions in existence at the time. The university set upon a mission to represent a modern, forward-looking institution, committed to becoming a beacon of knowledge in the midst of the Middle East. Fifteen years on, that lofty mission has become an embodiment of what we stand for. MUBS has grown beyond the boundaries of its immediate community to become a focal point in a network of prestigious universities from around the world. Recognizing the nature of our globalized environment, MUBS sought to reap the benefits of the continuous technological advancements to offer our students a unique cultural, scientific, and pedagogical experience that sets them apart from their colleagues and places them on the cusp of innovation and discovery. Our student-centered philosophyMORE
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