Kookmin University

Kookmin University

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Kookmin University, the first private university after Korea’s independence, was established by Mr. Shin, Ik Hee and other main members of the Shanghai interim government of Korea. Deeply rooted in the four founding principles, humanism, nationalism, culturalism, and industrialism that Mr. Kim, Sung Gon emphasized, Kookmin University has grown into a fixture of the academia of Korea with 23,000 students enrolled. In the midst of the ever changing academic climate and social changes, with selfless dedication from all members of KMU, we strive to become a globally recognized institute by making a world of academia unique to none other than KMU as well as being bold to the changes and challenges ahead. The brand of development KMU thrives for starts from change; a change is a chance and a chance is a challenge. We need to actively deal with changes that we must go through in the process of growth by renovating and challenging ourselves to be prepared for any crises. Now universities of


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