Kodolányi János University

Kodolányi János University

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Kodolányi János University of Applied Sciences (KJU) has been operating since 1992. In the beginning there were only 147 students sitting behind the desks on a single campus; today we educate more than 4,000 students in the areas of business administration, communication, tourism, linguistics, humanities, applied social studies, international relations, performance arts, and continuing education.

Our university college operates in five different locations throughout the country (including the capital city, Budapest), with an additional campus in Austria. We employ more than 200 highly qualified faculty members making KJU the largest non-governmental, non-profit institution of higher education in Hungary.

During the last several years we have developed more than 260 partnerships with institutions in 36 countries worldwide. We participate in student-, faculty- and trainee- exchange programmes, and international R&D projects. Within the framework of our International Campus


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