Kazakh University of Economics, Finance and International Trade

Kazakh University of Economics, Finance and International Trade

010008 Zhubanov street, #7 Astana, Kazakhstan View map



The university was established in 1999 in Astana as a branch office of the Turar Ryskulov Kazakh Economic University (leading university in the sphere of economics and finance) in order to develop a new educational and cultural center in Astana. In 2007 after the changes in legislation regarding the educational sphere the branch office has seized the activity and was transformed into an independent higher educational institution – Kazakh University of economics, finance and international trade. During the last years the university has become a large educational center with high qualified staff and good facilities and equipment. Currently the structure of the university consists of 3 faculties and 10 departments. In terms of international cooperation the university has signed agreements and memoranda with 44 different universities and international organizations abroad. Student life is also very active. There are different societies and clubs, such as speaking club, youth affairs


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