Kagawa Education Institute of Nutrition (Kagawa Nutrition Univesity)

Kagawa Education Institute of Nutrition (Kagawa Nutrition Univesity)

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Aya Kagawa and her husband Shozo had a purpose – to rid the country of illness through the application of healthy eating practices. As physicians at the University of Tokyo, Aya and Shozo were involved in research into the disease beri beri. While researching methods of cooking rice, Aya came up with the idea of using whole rice,that is rice with the embryo still attached. She discovered that this whole rice was an excellent source of Vitamin B1, a substance that was almost completely lost in the polishing process and hence lacking white rice. Knowing that Vitamin B1 helped in the prevention of beri beri, she suggested the incorporation of this whole rice into the diets of those suffering from the disease – these patients soon recovered. Today, the Institute seeks to educate students to be capable of providing guidance on nutrition and health to combat life-style related diseases and to contribute to the establishment of healthy individuals and communities. We realize that ensuringMORE
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