Jordan University of Science & Technology

Jordan University of Science & Technology

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Jordan University of Sceince and Technology is recognized in scientific research locally and regionally. For example, it is first among all Jordanian universities in terms of scientific research activity and accomplishments. It is the only university in Jordan, which has been classified as one of the top fifty universities among 1460 universities and being among the top 3% of those universities in the Islamic world according to a study by the Center for the Islamic World for Training and Statistical Research, Economic and Social (SESRTCIC, Ankara Center). Having in mind JUST is the only University in the country which has been listed in the top fifty universities in the Islamic world. The study was based on the identification of the best research indicators which are objective and measurable, and included all the universities that are members of the Organization of Islamic Countries (OIC). The University is also known for its highly qualified faculty. Some faculty members are


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