Jeju National University

Jeju National University

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The Graduate School of Jeju National University was established on December 30, 1978 and initially established 3 Master of Science programs in Agricultural Research, Fisheries and Natural Science. In 1982, the Graduate School first opened Ph.D. program in Animal Science, Agricultural Chemistry, Fisheries Biology and Plant Science. As of 2009, Master degree programs are offered at 45 departments, 1 faculty (5 majors), 4 interdisciplinary degree programs and 6 academic-industry cooperative programs. Doctoral degree program is also opened at 39 departments, 5 faculties (18 majors), 4 interdisciplinary programs and 6 academic-industry cooperative programs. As of April 1, 2009, there are 545 enrolled students in the Master program and 346 students in the Doctoral degree program. Since 1978, the graduate school has issued 363 Ph.D. and 1,748 Master of Science or Art.
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