Japan Women’s University

Japan Women’s University

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J.W.U. consists of Faculty of Home Economics with five departments,Faculty of Humanities with three, Faculty of Integrated Arts and Social Sciences with five, and Faculty of Science with two. It also offers graduate programs in Home Economics (Master course only), Integrated Arts and Social Sciences, and Science (Master course only). J.W.U. is the largest and oldest private women’s university in Japan. The University has some two hundred full-time teaching staff 5,900 students. In addition to offering a correspondence program in the Faculty of Home Economics, the University has affiliated schools: senior high school, junior high school, Homei elementary school, and Homei kindergarten. It also hosts to the J.W.U. Research Institute. J.W.U. has two campuses: one in Mejirodai, in Tokyo’s Bunkyo Ward;the other in Nishi-Ikuta, in Tama Ward of Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture. Both campuses feature open-stack libraries, computer centers, student health centers, counseling CENTERs, andMORE
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