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Istanbul Aydin University

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The first thing you will notice when you step into the campus will be its vitality. You may encounter an event at any time of the day in Istanbul Ayd?n University with constant energy and activity. IAU being 11 years young and dynamic the university signed for many successes, by offering free career planning to present and graduate students towards their dream profession. At IAU, in addition to theoretical training, we know the importance of understanding practical training where you might find yourself in a lead role in a short film, in the middle of conducting research or you might find yourself accompanying a song-along. It is not surprising to find IAU students when you go abroad. While Istanbul Aydin University ERASMUS program has many out-going students, it also welcomes many in-coming international students. Being aware of the possibilities in scientific research and superior technology and with “Technological University” principle, taking steps towards foreign languages, food,


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