IPE Business School

IPE Business School



IPE Business School is a branch of IPE Istitute founded in Naples in 1979.  IPE Istitute is a University College operating under the supervision of the Ministry of the University and its mission is to facilitate the access of new generations to education, culture and work.
IPE Institute has 3 colleges giving accommodation to more than 100 students:

  • Campus Villalta, Via G. Martucci, 35/H Naples – www.villalta.it
  • Campus Monterone, Via F. Crispi, 112, Naples – www.monterone.it
  • Campus Poggiolevante, Via Salvatore Matarrese 41 Bari  www.poggiolevante.it

IPE Business School is the branch of IPE Institute dedicated to post graduate education in areas such Finance, Economics, Management, Marketing and Human Resources. Since April 2012 IPE Business School is member of ASFOR association. IPE Business School has a network made by more than 280 Banks, Strategic Consulting Firms, Market Leaders and proximally 1,200 Alumni has attended a Master Program since foundation in 2001.


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