Inje University

Inje University

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Inje University is rooted in Paik Hospital, the first civil non-profit organization of its kind in Korea. The founding spirit of Inje University is Insuljese•Indukjese, which signifies ‘With the healing art, save the world’ and ‘With the compassion and virtue, save the world. ‘ Based upon this founding spirit, we practice protection of nature, respect for life, and love of human being, and we are moving fast ahead faithfully keeping the basic precepts of honesty, sincerity, and diligence which are the most basic virtues of human society. Inje University has its roots in Paik Hospital, the first privately-built foundation for the common good in Korea. The founding spirits of Inje University are Insuljese and Indeokjese, which signify ‘Save the world with the healing art’ and ‘Save the world with benevolence and virtue,’ respectively. Inje University aims to establish a clear value system and yardstick for judgment, based on a sense of community, and help students acquire multi-purpose,MORE
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