Industrial University of Tyumen (IUT)

Industrial University of Tyumen (IUT)

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The Industrial University of Tyumen (IUT), being country’s No.1 petroleum engineering university, is situated in Tyumen region, ‘Russia’s oil and gas capital’; here, approximately 90 per cent of Russian gas and 60 per cent of Russian oil is situated.Thus, nearly the entire teaching stuff consists of academics with oil and gas production background, and all the students get on-hands experience in oil and gas companies during their studies and are quickly recruited by these companies upon graduation; according to expert opinion, 65 to 70 per cent of all the oil and gas industry-employed graduates are the IUT graduates. Thanks to that, IUT was recognized both as Tyumen region’s Flagship university and Gazprom Flagship university – a status that only few universities in Russia have.But IUT is not only about petroleum engineering; it is one of the largest research and educational complexes in Russia, with about 38,000 students studying 42 Bachelor’s, 27 Master’s and 7 Specialist’sMORE
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