Imam Ja’afar Al-Sadiq University

Imam Ja’afar Al-Sadiq University

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Imam Ja’afar Al-sadiq University was established in 2004 inaccordance with the provisions of Law No. 13, Article 1 of 1996, pursuant tothe Council of Ministers Resolution No. (10/1/32166) for the year 2004 afterfulfilling the basic requirements stipulated by the Law of Colleges andUniversities No. 13 of 1996 Amendment 2.

The University obtained the recognition of the Ministry of HigherEducation and Scientific Research under the book number C / 1621 on 4/5/2004.The work has been directed to be a college specializing in the fields ofcomputer technology engineering, analytical techniques, law, businessmanagement and English language, and be useful and distinct in higher educationand scientific research leading to the development of knowledge and communityservice and the graduation of qualified staff and work to expand horizontallyand vertically in the specialization and transfer the college to a futureuniversity. Other Colleges (Law, Information Technology, Management, Medical,and


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