Gwangju National University of Education

Gwangju National University of Education

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As we continue to maintain our reputation as one of the best elementary teacher training institutions, our distinguished faculty members, excellent administrative staff, and outstanding students are all making strenuous efforts night and day to lead elementary education nationwide into a new era of innovation. Also, the university has successfully formed a vital community filled with those who want to live and prosper in a family-like environment where all members treat, and interact with, one another kindly and graciously, willingly provide assistance when the need arises, share moments of various sorts of emotions, and care about each other in times of trouble. Our state-of-the-art U-learning campus full of classical dignity and advanced modern technologies also aims to bring happiness to every member of the community as we consider it as the most essential value that we should pursue. The university is preparing for another significant leap above and beyond the status quo for the


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