Gunma University

Gunma University

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Gunma University was founded as a national university in 1949. It was created from the amalgamation of several educational institutions, including Maebashi Medical College, Kiryu Technical College, Gunma Normal School, and Gunma Youth Normal School. From these institutions, the Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Engineering, and Faculty of Education were formed. Since its inception, the university has striven to foster distinguished physicians, engineers and teachers. With science and technology as a focus, the university has made great contributions to the development of postwar Japan. At present, Gunma University is a comprehensive university, consisting of four faculties, including the Faculty of Social and Information Studies and the School of Health Sciences in the Faculty of Medicine.
Gunma University has endeavored to continue to serve the needs of society both analytically and synthetically by practically applying and realizing this doctrine of service to research and education.MORE
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