Georgetown Public Policy Institute

Georgetown Public Policy Institute

Georgetown University 20007 3520 Prospect St, NW Washington View map



Located in Washington, DC, the Georgetown Public Policy Institute’s course of study helps you to develop rigorous policy analysis skills and an understanding of the political and policymaking processes. GPPI then provides the opportunity to apply these core skills to specific policy problems in areas such as education and social policy, children’s issues, housing, health care, the environment, nonprofit and public-sector management, international development policy, electoral politics, tax policy, crime, and homeland security. Small class sections that promote a high level of interaction are one of the Georgetown Public Policy Institute’s main strengths. Even our largest classes are generally limited to approximately twenty-five students per section. The intimate atmosphere promotes more rigorous and in-depth policy examination and encourages participation and interaction between faculty and students. GPPI offers degrees, certificates, and special programs

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