Gdansk University of Technology

Gdansk University of Technology

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Gdansk University of Technology (GUT) is the largest technical university in the Pomerania Region  and one of the oldest technical universities in Poland.

GUT’s mission is to provide high quality education for the needs of the dynamic development of economy and of society based on knowledge, scientific research at the highest international level in the conditions of the globalizing world, and the implementation of innovative projects to support the transformation of civilisation and cultural enrichment, and in particular science and technology.

The university offers education at 9 faculties with 43 fields of undergraduate studies and graduate studies including 22 fields of studies and specializations in English. GUT hosts a number of centres in which advanced scientific research is conducted, for the development of smart specialization, among others  Centre of Competence Novel Infrastructure for Workable Applications (C^2NIWA), Centre of Excellence WiComm and Eco-Innovation Centre.

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