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Erciyes University

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Today, Erciyes University consists of 18 faculties, 4 colleges, 9 vocational schools, 7 institutes, 6 departments and more than 37 research centers. The highly developed research hospital consisted of more that 1,500 beds with a general hospital (Gevher Nesibe Hospital) as well as Heart and Vascular Diseases Hospital, Organ Transplant and Dialysis Hospital, Oncology Hospital, Children’s Hospital and Bone Marrow Transplantation and Stem Cell Therapy Center are among the most influential health facilities in the region. During the 2014-2015 academic year there were more than 50,000 students in various levels of education (associate, bachelors, masters and doctorate) with a rich academic staff consisting of more than 2,200 personnel. Since 1984 graduate education at Erciyes University has become quite important. Currently there are 2095 MSc students and 451 PhD students that are receiving education at the Institutes of Natural Sciences, Health Sciences and Social Sciences, Fine Arts,


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