Dagestan State University

Dagestan State University



Dagestan State University is located in Dagestan, a republic of Russia in the North Caucasus region. One of the most ethnically diverse republics of Russia, Dagestan has a recently volatile history and has been under direct control of the Russian government since early 2018.

Dagestan State University was founded in 1931 and was initially an institute for training teachers. Today it consists of four research institutes (Research Institute of Biology, Research Institute of Socio-Economic and Ethno-Cultural Problems of the Peoples of Dagestan, Research Institute of Applied Ecology and Research Institute of Law), nine research and educational Centers, 14 scientific and innovation centers and 14 basic research laboratories.

Currently, over 20,000 students are enrolled at Dagestan State University, of whom 600 are postgraduates seeking candidate and doctoral degrees. Students here can make use of the university’s museums, extensive library, planetarium, sports complex and seaside recreation base.

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