China University of Political Science and Law

China University of Political Science and Law

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Over the past 60 years, CUPL has educated and trained more than 200,000 graduates, and has played an active role in key legislative efforts in China. CUPL has assumed a leadership role in China in the development and innovation of legal thought and has played a key role in representing the country in international academic exchanges.
Approximately 15,600 full-timestudents are currently enrolled in CUPL. Among the full-time students arealmost 8,530 undergraduate students, approximately 6,100 graduate students, and over 1,000 international students. CUPL’s 928 faculty include 285 full professors, 167 mentors for doctoral postgraduates, 602 mentors for master degree postgraduates, 845 teachers for teaching and scientific research, and 83 counselors. Nearly nine in ten of CUPL’s full-time faculty members hold doctoral or master degrees.
CUPL comprises 18 schools anddepartments and 15 university-level research institutes. CUPL currently offers19 majors for undergraduates, 75 academicMORE
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