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Since Castleton first opened its doors in 1787, it has been dedicated to educating future leaders of Vermont and beyond.

Today, the University stands on a foundation of over 230 years, providing today’s cutting-edge education through a highly personalized approach.

Castleton is small enough to be a community where individuals matter, yet large enough to offer a diverse and challenging curriculum. Students have the opportunity to expand their knowledge in small class sizes among our highly qualified faculty, who are strongly encouraged to develop their teaching skills and research interests.

These ingredients are combined with a diverse composition of local, out-of-state, and growing international student population that provides for various and extended learning opportunities for all.

Not only does Castleton influence its students, but students also have the ability to impact Castleton. At Castleton, students will learn that they can make a difference here as they prepare to make a difference in the world.

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