Bogor Agricultural University

Bogor Agricultural University

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IPB’s Graduate Programs are well known as: 1. Southeast Asia?s Most Comprehensive Agricultural Study Program: IPB offers 69 major in plant, animal, forestry, fisheries, agricultural sciences, social and basic sciences. 2. Largest and Finest Quality Research Institution: IPB’s graduate school is supported by a number of laboratory facilities and competitive research grants, local (Center Grant, the Graduate Team Research Grant, Competitive Integrated Research, the Competitive Grant) and various research grants from foreign universities and institutions. I3. Foremost Academic Lecturers: 966 lecturers support the graduate program of the total number nine hundred and twenty one (95.3%) are full-time IPB lecturers while the rest are visiting lecturers. Six hundred and seventy nine (70.3%) full-time lecturers hold Doctorate degrees from leading institutions in the United States, Europe, Japan, Australia, while the remaining 287 lecturers have Master degrees. 4. Extensive Cooperation withMORE
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