Beni-Suef University

Beni-Suef University

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Beni Suef University was established based on a Presidential Decree No.(84) in 2005 and resigned from the prestigious University of Cairo The University includes (Faculty of Commerce – Faculty of Law – Faculty of Veterinary Medicine – Faculty of Arts – Faculty of Science – Faculty of Education, Faculty of Medicine – Faculty of Nursing – Faculty of Industrial Education -Faculty of Engineering – Faculty of Physical Education) The university study system is divided into two semesters with the exception of the Faculty of Medicine, where the study period for each class is 15-weeks , followed by an exam at the end of it, the general result of the grade will be at the end of the school year . The number of graduates since the start of the study in Beni Suef faculties till 2007 is 62321 graduates from various faculties and institutes Through self- evaluation of its educational programs, Beni-Suef University seeks to advance a permanent development in its educational process, promote theMORE
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