Belgorod State National Research University

Belgorod State National Research University





Founded in 1876 in Belgorod, as the ninth Teacher’s Training Institute in Russia, the Unversity has had a challenging but eventful history, throughout which it has had different names and organizational structures. In 2010, Belgorod State University became the only university in Belgorod region to be granted the “National Research University” status, which allowed the University to join the Association of the Leading Universities of Russia, with the Association current membership totaling to 40 best national universities. Since 2009, the University has been a member of The Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) Network University. As of January 1, 2016, there are about 26,000 students studying at the University. The University relevant market of educational services at the moment comprises students from all Russian subjects and 2200 students from 79 foreign countries. In 2016, the University offers 16 Specialist’s degree programs, 64 bachelor’s degree programs, 53 master’s degree


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