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BARBRI is the largest US BAR preparation and legal education company in the world with an alumni network of 1.3 million. We have a 50-year history of improving learning techniques through innovation and helping students learn the law and legal concepts.

BARBRI has trained over 1.3 million attorneys. Most have gone on to successful careers as law clerks, lawyers, judges and U.S. Supreme Court justices, as well as politicians, diplomats and respected national and international business leaders. It’s why BARBRI remains the #1 most chosen programme for bar review in the U.S. and abroad.

With our proven and personalised process for enhancing your skills, plus the most innovative legal learning tools available, you can be confident in achieving your goal of passing a U.S. state bar exam. Such a qualification can enable you to accomplish more as your career prospects extend further and you become more globally marketable.

BARBRI International has an unmatched record of success training non-U.S. educated lawyers in jurisdictions from London, Dublin and Edinburgh to Tel-Aviv, Dubai and Hong Kong. In addition, we are continuing to explore more opportunities by reaching other regions all around the world

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