Balikesir Üniversitesi

Balikesir Üniversitesi

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Presidency Building, Medical Faculty, Architecture and Engineering Faculty, Arts and Science Faculty, Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, Tourism Faculty, Bal?kesir School of Health, Bal?kesir Vocational School, Sports Centre, Convention Culture Centre, Central Cafeteria, Central Researching Lab, semi-olimpic poolandopen sports thesises are placed at Cagis Campus. It has been planned Health Application and Research Hospital, Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences and School of Physical Training and Sports are completed at the end of 2013. The library of our university aims to be a knowledge center which has an active duty on the development of educational activities and by this way puts the necessary knowledge sources it collects into service to its users. With such sources as reference books, other books, periodicals etc., it services in a 1000 m2 square with sitting area for 250 people inside the building of Presidency. Our students can make use of the


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