Asper School of Business

Asper School of Business

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In 1937, The Asper School of Business, located at the University of Manitoba, Fort Garry Campus in South Winnipeg, Manitoba was founded.

Manitoba is a Canadian province bordered by Ontario to the east and Saskatchewan to the west. Its landscape of lakes and rivers, mountains, forests and prairies stretch from northern Arctic tundra to Hudson Bay in the east and southern farmland. Much wilderness is protected in more than 80 provincial parks, where hiking, biking, canoeing, camping and fishing are all popular.

The school began its life as the University of Manitoba Faculty of Management but was renamed in 2000 in honor of Izzy Asper, praising his many contributions for the City of Winnipeg and the University of Manitoba during his life.

The school offers degree programs and courses for undergraduates, as well as to graduates leading to MBA and Ph.D. degrees. They also offer Executive Programs, an Indigenous Business Education Partners, International Exchange Program and Co-operative


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