Al Neelain University

Al Neelain University

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Al Neelain University is a vital outcome of the 1993 higher education revolution, resulting in the sudanization of Cairo University, Khartoum Branch that same year. The Khartoum Branch was founded by the Egyptian government in 1955 with four faculties (Arts, Law, Trade and Science), and continued to function as such until it was renamed Al Neelain University in 1993 and ten new faculties added to the original four. Continuous development at both horizontal and vertical axes enabled the University to expand further to over 20 faculties, five research institutes and about 30 researchcentres. This allowed it to become one of the most renowned Sudanese universities, recognized nationally and internationally. Its curricula and syllabuses cover most known educational fields including medical, technical, sciences and humanities. There are around 90,000 students, of which 10,000 are postgraduates. The university has many signed agreements and collaborations with local, regional and international academic institutes and organizations.

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