Al-Mustaqbal University College

Al-Mustaqbal University College



Al-Mustaqbal University College (MUC) Iraq private university college, founded in 2010, in the heart of Babylon province, a well-known historical ancient city in the world. Accredited by the Iraqi Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.
MUC is one of the leading multidisciplinary private university in Babylon, with more than 550 staff and 3500 under graduated students .
Al-Mustaqbal University College started first academic year in 2010-2011, welcome students from any religions and welcome women on equal terms with man . The thirteen departments are operated by locally and international recruited academics, with extensive teaching, business and industry experience. Study in English Language.
They bring to the classroom a wealth of knowledge gained from research and professional practice in their respective fields, providing students with a stimulating, multi-dimensional academic environment. Classes are small in student numbers, allowing the lecturers to cater to


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