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Airlangga University Postgraduate program has been founded since November 10, 1954. The promotion to get the doctorate was held for the first time in 1959. Thus, in 1959 until 1976, Airlangga University has generated ten doctors. On that time, the free program was used to get the doctorate title.
Since 1975, the Minister of Academic and Culture has been formulated the basic policy of the Higher Education development. In accordance with it, Airlangga University start to develop the program of post graduate and graduate studies with three study programs; Basic Medicine Science, Dentistry Science, and Law Science in 1976. For the next, several study programs are opened until now.
In fact, the postgraduate program is started after the Dean inauguration based on letter of the Minister of Academic and Culture on March 10, 1983. Thus, the post graduate programs are considered since 1983 and start the class on September 1983.
After years, based on the Rector decision on July 30, 2007, theMORE
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