Ahmad Dahlan University

Ahmad Dahlan University

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I, representing all academic society of Universitas Ahmad Dahlan, proudly introduce you our university in brief, one of Muhammadiyah Higher Educations in Yogyakarta. Since its first operation as a B1 course of Muhammadiyah Education in 1956 then became Faculty of Teacher Training and Education in 1960 and Institute of Teacher Training and Education in 1972 then officially was changed into Universitas Ahmad Dahlan (UAD) in 1994, we always improve to be one of the best universities in Indonesia till the international level.

To achieve the goal, UAD always improves the service to be a comfortable study place for students. Various collaborations are also developed including cooperation with other educational institutions, research institutions, government, non-governmental institutions, and industries, both in national and international level. By the cooperation, it is expected that students can get optimal study result as the aim of education in Muhammadiyah, “To create a Muslim who is


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