Frequently Asked Questions



  • Only those companies that have registered with the site can view your resume. You can turn the visibility of your profile on and off. Other candidates cannot view your profile.
  • Our database contains all the information you could need in one, easy to access place. You can find PhD research projects, nearby universities, internships, accommodation and more.
  • You can post your job and let talents contact you or you could check our database by specialism and levels of degree (bachelor, Master, Doctorate) held by candidates. 


  • We offer various types of accommodation to cater for a wide range of needs, from houses and studios to private or shared rooms. These are available internationally. 
  • The price ranges varies, depending on location and amenities. You can search by budget to ensure you are only looking at properties you can afford.
  • Search and advertise listings worldwide, in a range of towns and cities. Contact the advertisers directly. If you are moving abroad, you may need to apply for residence permits and/or entry visas. This would depend on your nationality.
  • Landlords registered with us can offer anything from temporary short-term rentals to long-term leases.
  • You can start your free 7-days trial (no credit card required) and promote unlimited properties for 7 days.

    You can cancel any time before your trial period ends. We offer various subscription plans: Business, Premium plan and Customized Campaign. Please see our section on subscription plans for full details. 

Jobs/PhD positions

  • At Promovendux you can find positions from professor’s assistant to biotech researcher and more. You can search our database by preferred vacancy types. These include voluntary, full-time, part-time, internship and permanent vacancies.
  • We have a range of opportunities within different fields that span the globe. These fields include computer science, engineering, health and many more. You may need to apply for a residence permit and/or an entry visa for some opportunities. This would depend on your nationality.
  • It’s easy to post a new job. Simply start your free 7-days trial and post unlimited jobs for 7 days.

    You can cancel any time before your trial period ends, and no charges will apply. We offer a range of membership options, from free trials to premium plans. Please see our section on subscription plans for full details. 

  • There are various internships offered by registered companies. You can search our database to find those that suit your requirements. Again, if you are looking for an international internship, you may need to check any visa requirements.
  • At Promovendux employers can choose to accept anonymous job applications. Since the COVID-pandemic companies need to fill the skill gap more than ever. Candidate selection solely based on the skills and qualifications can improve equal opportunities and the recruitment process.


  • At Promovendux you can browse through a huge range of universities from around the world, including some of the world’s most well-respected campuses. These include, but are not limited to universities in New York, Dubai, London and Hong Kong.
  • If you click onto the university it will give you a brief synopsis of the university, including its background, facilities and exact location. You'll also find links to social media channels and website, all at one place.
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