About Us

About Promovendux

Who We Are

Promovendux is an international online platform that exists to help people and companies find a match, enabling business and universities to grow, develop and explore and dedicated candidates to get the best start, developing as they need to and building a strong career. You will find Promovendux incredibly helpful if you are: 

  • an employer who wishes to carry out research or wants to explore options, such as locating highly-educated candidates, set up thesis or dissertations and projects targeted at candidates interested in solving business challenges.
  • a (PhD) candidate needing to conduct research and write a thesis, needing to identify a PhD research project or company to begin with.
  • a real estate agent or private landlord who wishes to advertise their property to attract academic tenants.
  • an academic tenant looking for an accommodation (student housing).

What We Do

Promovendux consists of a unique online higher education network. We connect highly educated people, most of them academics, with prominent companies, universities and institutes. This enables them to carry out research across any field, industry or country and build a career. Our website enables users to search for and locate all that they need in one central place, including the following:

How We Are Different

We bridge the gap that currently exists between employers and highly educated candidates. We do this by providing access to a comprehensive database that gives details of both highly educated candidates and employers, worldwide.As well as working with employers, our focus is on helping highly-educated candidates who are involved in PhD projects, providing them with all that they need during the pre-job stage.

In the future, our goal is to become a global leading name, providing comprehensive sourcing that benefit PhD and Master students, academic researchers, employers, real estate agents and community partners. 

Check out Promovendux today and find all that you need within our detailed database which is continually being updated. Should you need any further help, please get in touch.


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